Funding for the 2023/24 Season is now closed. 

The next intake funding deadline is October 15th 2024. Community groups may apply for funding by filling out a Request for Funds application. Please submit this application plus all supporting documents to Sun Peaks Rotary Funding Committee via email:  Katherine Campbell, at [email protected] 

For requests of $500 or less please complete section A & B. For requests over $500 please complete section A, B & C

Applicants may be asked to attend a meeting. The Rotary Club of Sun Peaks meets every second Thursday, 7:30am at Bottoms Bar and Grill.

Application Intake Dates:

October 15th  & April 15th 

Funds distributed January 1 & June 1




The Rotary Club of Sun Peaks are dedicated people who share passion for both community service and friendship. Our club accepts funding requests two times a year from local organizations. Applications that meet the guidelines are not automatically guaranteed funding. The Funding Committee reviews applications based on our funding priorities/ preferences and available resources.

GRANT DEADLINES: Grant applications are due October 15, and April 15. Distribution of funds will be Jan 1 & June 1 each calendar year.

AMOUNT: The Grants Committee can approve funding of up to $500 for any given project. Requests of more than $500 may be funded, however the committee may decide to bring the request forward to the Rotary Club of Sun Peaks Board of Directors for review and decision at their next meeting. This will likely mean the funding decision will be delayed from what is stated above. Only extraordinary requests above $500 will be taken forward to the Board, and most applications should not request more than $2000.

GUARANTEE: Applications that fit our criteria are not automatically guaranteed funding and may be funded at a lesser amount than what was requested.

NOTIFICATION: Grant applicants will be notified by the Funding Committee Chair whether successful or unsuccessful.

NOT-FOR-PROFIT: Applicants must themselves be a not-for-profit organization or be partnering with a not-for-profit organization on the initiative the funding would serve.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Applicants may provide up to one (1) page of additional information to supplement their request if they so desire. Please do not provide additional information beyond the application and one extra page. If further information or clarification is required, the Funding Committee Chair will reach out. If information is shared beyond what is specified here, it will not be used in the assessment and may negatively impact the application. Additional sheets to answer the application questions or to share a budget are acceptable provided word limits are adhered to.

PRESENTATION: Applicants whose funding request is successful may be asked to attend a Rotary meeting to make a short presentation explaining how the support was utilized. The Rotary Club of Sun Peaks will reach out to coordinate this. Failure to appear if requested may negatively impact future applications. Our club meets every second Thursday morning at 7:30 am at Bottoms.

CHEQUE PHOTO OP: By submitting an application, applicants agree that they will coordinate with the Funding Committee Chair and be available for a cheque presentation photo opportunity with members from the Rotary Club of Sun Peaks.

ONE TIME FUNDING: Requests should be for one-time funding of a project or initiative.

TIMING: Requests to support projects which have already occurred will not be accepted.

EVIDENCE: Upon request, successful applicants are expected to provide evidence the funding was used as stated in this application. Applicants will have 30 days from the date of the emailed request from the Grants Committee Chair to provide such evidence. Please ensure that you have read the guidelines and that you understand that not adhering to them may negatively impact this and future applications.


● Preference will be given to funding requests that provide a long-lasting positive impact in our community.

● Provide benefit in the following areas: Elders/ Seniors, Youth at Risk, Indigenous, Poverty, Literacy for Children/ Youth.

● have a hands-on component where our club can get involved.

● have a large community impact as opposed to benefitting only a few individuals.

● demonstrate other sources of funding where the request is not expected to cover the full amount

● offer an opportunity for Rotary Club of Sun Peaks branding, especially if our logo can be placed on something permanent/ long-lasting, such as a sign.

● are new funding requests from organizations/ projects that we have not funded recently.

● present a completed application form and have adhered to our guidelines.

The Rotary Club of Sun Peaks funds initiatives in all areas so all requests are encouraged. The identified areas above will only be utilized to prioritize applications should there be more requests than funding available.

In general, we will NOT fund:

● Requests from individuals.

● Operating costs.

● Costs tied to travel.

● Wages.

● Playgrounds, unless they are available to the general public.


1. Determine if your project fits our guidelines and priorities.

2. Fully complete the application form above. Failure to complete the form fully may have a negative impact on the request.

3. Email the completed form to [email protected] by any of the two deadlines:

October 15, or April 15.

Hard Copy applications will not be accepted.